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A Multi-Disciplinary Team


Clinical Social Worker

Speech Pathologists

Occupational Therapists

Therapy Assistant 

Working together, drawing on evidence and research to help our clients reach their goals.

Connie Buckingham

Psychologist & Practice Director

Connie established The Social Learning Studio in 2004 to create a warm space that inspires people of all ages. Connie has completed a PhD with the University of Melbourne to examine the impact of The Friendship Saver Program on children social skills. This research underpins the social learning and mental health approach at The Social Learning Studio.

Lily Arnott-Hoare


Lily works with clients across the lifespan, specifically in the areas of depression and anxiety, stress, anger management, adjustment disorders and interpersonal difficulties. Lily has a specialist area of interest in the mental health and wellbeing of the LGBTIQ+ community.

Lily draws on evidence-based therapeutic modalities, incorporating cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), solution focused and humanistic frameworks.

Lily aims to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for all clients.

Zilla Bartels

Speech Pathologist

Following years of work as an ABA therapist for children with Autism, Zilla's practice as a speech pathologist is often play-based, and always engaging and systematic.  This approach is key to helping young people to work with motivation and interest to achieve their language and literacy goals.  

Cameron Bateman


Cameron has a warm counselling style that brings psychology, research and everyday human behaviour together to help adolescents and adults understand their strengths, challenges and opportunities.  Cameron has a particular interest working with twice exceptional and gifted young people, parenting work, and counselling for people who identify with the LGBTQ+ community. 

Kayla Cutajar

Provisional Psychologist

As a former kindergarten teacher, Kayla is compelled by a long standing drive to share her knowledge and expertise with families, to support the development of their children. Kayla is currently completing a Masters in Clinical Psychology. 

You'll often find Kayla down in our group room, integrating art and play in her work with young people. 

Leah Dalton

Clinical Social Worker

Leah's photo is coming soon.

Till then, know that she's tall and often sporting a bright dress reflecting her bright, bubbly self.

Leah is one of our senior clinician's at the practice, with years of experience working with young people at CAMHS.  

Leah works from an Ecological Systems framework, identifying ways that a young person's whole support system (family and school) can work together to help a young person reach their goals. 

Marina Hennes

Speech Pathologist

Marina is passionate about advocating for, and supporting children with speech and language difficulties.

Marina's specialisation areas are in phonological awareness, implementing classroom literacy programs, speech sound disorders, and working with children from English as an additional language (EAL) backgrounds. 

Marina has oodles of resources and when she can't find one, she'll use her creativity and extensive knowledge of her discipline to make one! No matter what your interests or age, Marina will find a way to best fit a learning approach to you.


Reception & Accounts Manager

 A former teacher, and bank manager, Melia's skill set keeps us all in line.  If you call us, it's likely you'll be speaking to Melia.  Melia has supported our team for many years, very familiar with each clinician's unique style.  Melia can help to identify whether someone from our team will be a right fit for your needs.  

Lisa Scott

Occupational Therapy

Lisa is one of our senior clinicians, providing occupational therapy to help young people to develop independent living skills and participate to the best of their ability in everyday activities.

Lisa's clinical approach is informed by formal and informal assessments, establishing targeted, defined, measurable goals in the area of sensory processing,  perception, organisational skills, emotion and motor coordination skills. 

Lisa's primary goal is to empower parents and their children with the skills and strategies to reach their child's goals.  

Maria Tsataliou

Therapy Assistant

Maria works under the direction of our clinicians, to work with young people to practice the skills and strategies that they are learning with their counsellor, speech pathology or occupational therapist. 

 Maria is patient, positive and finds ways to make even the boring feel a little more fun.  Maria is completing a degree in Forensic Psychology, working towards a future career as a psychologist.