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Reaching Personal Goals

Psychology is the practice of brain and behaviour.  

You can work with a clinician to explore your own history, behavioural patterns, strengths, barriers and new opportunities. 

Learn about the human brain and body, with a grounding in evidence and research, applied to your own life.

These sessions are about empowering you with new knowledge, and new strategies to road test, reflect, and add to your tool kit. 

Can I self-refer?

Yes, you can self-refer however, if you are concerned about your mental health, your doctor should first assess your overall health and mental health needs. If your mental health is at-risk, your GP might provide a Mental Health Care Plan. This plan provides a partial Medicare rebate for several sessions (4-10 per year, depending on the plan). Private Health Funds often provide a similar rebate.

Talk to us, or doctor for more information. 

Counselling is available via Telehealth

Click here to find out more about Telehealth