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Psychology & Counselling 

For Kids, Teens & Families

Why do children a‚Äčnd their families work with a psychologist or counsellor?

Sometimes you've tried everything you know, but your young person is still struggling with their emotions, behaviour, social connections or learning.  Psychologists and Clinical Social Workers will aim to build supportive relationships, share their knowledge that is based on evidence and research, and work together with you and your young person to explore new strategies to help them reach their goals. 

Here are some examples of what we do

Regulating Emotions

Everyone feels emotions all the time, and those feels are not always going to be positive or happy.  However, if a young person is feeling sad all the time, or worried or angry often, it's helpful to learn ways to manage those feelings.  Psychologists and counsellors can help.

Dealing with Parental Separation and Divorce

Parental separation and divorce are difficult for everyone involved.  Not all children need to speak to a professional about these experiences, but sometimes, it can be helpful to talk to someone impartial about what your feeling, what's different now, and what strategies might help us to accept these new changes.

ASD, your strengths and goals

An Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis can be overwhelming at first however, this new understanding can empower a family to better understand their young person, and how to best support them.  Likewise, we love to help young people to learn about their strengths and challenges, and use that knowledge to find good fit strategies to help them to achieve their social, emotional and academic goals. 

Parenting Techniques and Support

The moment we think we've figured it out, they grow and change and we feel like we're scrambling for new strategies all over again. 

Parenting isn't easy, but there is a wealth of research about strategies that are helpful for different types of families, and different types of kids.  Psychologists and Counsellors can help. 

Can we self-refer or do we need to see our family doctor first?

Yes, you can self-refer however, if you are concerned about the mental health of your young person, your family doctor should first assess your young persons overall health and mental health needs.  If their mental health is at-risk, your GP might provide a Mental Health Care Plan.  This plan provides a partial Medicare rebate for several sessions (4-10 per year, depending on the plan). Private Health Funds often provide a similar rebate. 

Talk to us, your family GP, or paediatrician for more information.