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The COVID-19 pandemic and changing government directives require us to be flexible in the way we run our social skills groups this year. 

If you are enrolling in a term 3 Social Skills Group Program, please do so with acknowledgement of the following arrangements.

Small group programs

Virtual social skills groups are only appropriate and effective in some situations.  Where face-to-face groups are required, group sizes will be reduced.  Junior groups will be reduced to 2 or 3 participants per group to facilitate social distancing.  Older groups will be smaller in size also. 

Last minute cancellations due to illness

If your child is experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, they must not attend the Social Learning Studio.  Due to the small size of the groups, the learning and experience is compromised if one participant is absent.  Therefore, when we are informed that a participant is unable to attend a session, the group session will be postponed for the following week. 

Zoom groups sometimes

Some of your child's group sessions might be delivered via zoom if it is appropriate. 

Unpredictable timeline

When the group is postponed, it will be rescheduled for another day.  Please be prepared to work with us to find new dates that suit all participants.  As such, the program could be stretched out with final sessions occurring during the school holidays. Our goal is to ensure that each participant experiences the full five session program.