Speech Therapy

For Children & Teenagers

Why do children work with a Speech Therapist?

Speech therapy helps children who have trouble communicating develop critical speech, language and interaction skills.

Here are some examples of what we do

Speech & Fluency

Speech sounds errors that impair speech fluency include: 

- Replacing a sound with another sound

- Omitting sounds from words

- Distorted sounds

- Inserting extra sounds in words

- Stuttering and disfluency


Receptive Language: Understanding what others say. 

Expressive Language: The language we use when speaking. 

Pragmatic Language: This is social communication, how we communicate with others.  This includes body language, eye contact, proximity, tone and voice volume. 


Phonemic Awareness: Identifying individual sounds in words. This is a prerequisite for reading and spelling. 

Phonological Awareness: Identifying aspects of language such as words, syllables, initial and final sounds, and manipulating sounds in words to create new words. 

Comprehension: The ability to understand and respond appropriately to written or verbal content.